CoDaTherapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutics for wound care and tissue repair based on a new platform technology known as "Gap Junction Modulation."

Founded on patented inventions and data generated in the laboratories of Professor Colin Green (University of Auckland) and Professor David Becker (University College London), CoDa is building a portfolio of novel, proprietary compounds that, through control of gap junctions, can reduce cell to cell communication and improve wound healing and tissue repair post-injury.

These first-in-class compounds represent a new paradigm in wound care – improving wound healing while managing inflammation and scarring.

Our patent-protected lead product candidate, Nexagon®, dramatically improves the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue and has broad applications. The technology has been shown to work in a variety of tissue types including, eye, skin, brain, nerve, and spinal cord. Numerous pre-clinical models show improved wound closure and healing rates, as well as reduced lesion spread (cell death), swelling, inflammation, and scarring.

About CoDa Therapeutics, Inc.